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I've known Phillip Snowden since 1999. We were both design engineers working on a project in Michigan back then. During that time I found Phillip to be a thorough, thoughtful and effective problem-solver. I fully expect that he would apply those same qualities as Louisiana's 5th congressional district's next representative. — Glen Miller

I have known Phillip Snowden since first grade in Dubach, LA. We started Hopewell Elementary School together and graduated Hopewell High School together. He has always believed in respecting people, working with people and finding common grounds on issues. He is consistent with his theme “A Bridge Builder for Louisiana 5th Congressional District”. I urge you to vote for #41, Phillip R. Snowden. — Yvonne Thompson

I am endorsing Phillip Ray Snowden in his campaign to represent the hard-working people of Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District.

I was Phillip Snowden’s second grade teacher at Hopewell Elementary School in Dubach, Louisiana.  He was a serious student at an early age.  He graduated Hopewell High School; Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana; and received his MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He is an engineer and business man by trade.

Phillip will work tirelessly to represent the hard-working people of Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District.  I am voting for my former student; he will live up to your expectations, and he knows the consequences of not living up to my expectations.  Please join me in voting for Phillip Snowden #41

— Naomi Ross, Retired Teacher

If you whip the Sugar Honey Iced Tea out of most politicians, you can carry them around in your shirt pocket. Phillip is not a regular politician. He is an old country boy from Dubach, Louisiana who believes in treating people right. Phillip believes in God, morals, applying common sense, using rationale thought, telling the truth, respecting people, and doing the job he agreed to do. He was raised on discipline and hard work. I whole heartedly endorse Phillip R. Snowden to represent Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District. Please join me in voting for Phillip R. Snowden #41. — Clyde Bradshaw, Deacon

I am endorsing Phillip R. Snowden in his candidacy for U.S. Representative from Louisiana 5th Congressional District. I know Phillip’s character, his honor, and his integrity. These traits in a candidate are particularly important to me. I have known and respected him for years. Phillip takes a stand on things that are important and will work hard to address them. We are facing several crises—COVID-19, election management uncertainty, civil unrest brought on by police officers repeatedly making poor decisions, loss of businesses and jobs, and loss of lives. We need and can have faith in someone who will tell us the truth, work hard, and focus on our needs in Louisiana 5th Congressional District. I am endorsing and voting for Phillip R. Snowden, #41. I urge you to do the same.   — The Honorable James "Jaime" Mayo

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