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Meet Phillip

Phillip Snowden grew up in North Central, Louisiana.  His father a minister was the first African - American lineman in the area for the Louisiana Power and Light Company (now Entergy).  His mother was a dutiful homemaker.  Naturally inquisitive, Phillip was raised to be a hard worker, believe in God, and was socialized with high ideals to serve his fellow man and the community at large. 

Phillip attended a segregated school in his hometown (Dubach), where the community rallied around their students in hopes that they would achieve great things.  He was one of the first few African – Americans to attend and graduate from Louisiana Tech University.  After completing an Electrical Engineering degree, Phillip obtained a Masters of Business Administration degree from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Throughout his life, Phillip has always fought to uplift all. He is a champion for education and has personally, in conjunction with the Hopewell High School Foundation, various churches, and professional organizations, awarded scholarships to encourage and support deserving students.  His passion is to help Louisianians, from rural enclaves to the cities, gain the tools necessary to thrive and live enriched lives in America.  Phillip is an active member of the community, who dedicates time to mentor and tutor students, support educational causes and civic endeavors.  He will fight for better education, jobs, healthcare accessibility as well as achieve technological along with transportation infrastructure improvements. 

Phillip is running to represent Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District because he believes that we need to build bridges between people and thereby collectively solve the hard problems that threaten our way of life and our children’s future in the district, Louisiana, and this nation. He is an engineer who designs innovative solutions to tough product and community issues in life. He will work to construct bridges between Louisiana’s communities and Washington, D.C.  His focus is on delivering America's promise to Louisiana's hard-working families up and down the financial strata.  

Today, he is running for Congress because people from the 5th congressional district deserve leaders who will bridge us together to solve problems such as increasing access to affordable health care, having world class education and infrastructure which rivals that in the best funded areas in our country.  Raised a hunter, he is a staunch Second Amendment supporter, while calling for no nonsense action on gun violence.  Climate change has caused us to face first hand catastrophes in Louisiana, but there are design solutions that may be deployed to mitigate current effects.  We deserve leaders who have the political courage to stand up to the politics of fear and division. He is ready to serve the people of the 5th District to create the change and progress its' people need and deserve.  Phillip Snowden is ready to champion the voices of Louisiana and build the bridges with congressional colleagues while teaming up to make change happen.

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