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Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is facing a significant challenge from Covid-19. In order to mitigate and subsequently eliminate the effects of this disease, I will:
–Fight for expanded testing that it is quick, accurate and available to all.
–Support a Science or fact-based approach to finding an effective treatment or cure for this terrible disease.


One only has to take a ride on almost any pothole filled road, aging highway or bridge in utter disrepair to see what years of benign neglect on the parts of our representatives in Washington have wrought. To correct this I pledge to:
–Work on bipartisan bills that will repair, build or rebuild the following:
–U.S. interstate system
–Numerous failing and near-failing bridges
–High speed internet capability
–High speed rail


I believe that access to comprehensive healthcare should be the right of every American. Therefore I will:
–Push for expanding and strengthening the ACA.
–Seek ways to make medicines and treatment affordable.
–Eliminate the disparities in health outcomes laid bare by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Second Amendment and Gun Ownership

I am a staunch believer in the right to keep and bear arms.  However, I also believe:
–Expanded background checks when purchasing firearms are necessary and prudent.
–There should be reasonable guidelines regarding magazine capacities and cyclic rate of fire for     
  some types of firearms.
–Gun safety training should be mandatory for first time gun owners.

Jobs and the Economy

We are currently in the midst of a deepening economic recession.  To turn the tide, I propose:
–Enhanced job training for folks in industries that are becoming obsolete.
–Financial incentives to targeted industries in order to create new, well paying jobs.  I think the energy
  industry as a whole is well suited for this, for example.


I support the continued running of existing nuclear power plants, as well as the building of newer more efficient units.
I support vigorous R&D efforts in peripheral energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, wave, etc. 

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